We will adjust your nose pads for not only metal frames but also even plastic frame.
We can replace your nose pads to specialized pads for your maximum comfort.
We have many types of pads such as silicon & cushion pads which prevent slipping, ultimate thickness pads which makes narrow and higher, and titanium pads which is antiallergenic and long life.
1 pair: $6 `$20

We do also customize plastic frames which has small nose pads.
We replace original pads and add metal nose pads or add additional nose pads on the original pads.
You can wear it higher and narrower at least 2-3mm.
It takes 2-3 hours and cost $40. Some frames' materials are not acceptable.
Please feel free to call for your frame's availability at 310-227-5130 TEL.
E-mail : info@eyewalk.net

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